We use technology and design to turn ideas into reality.

Product Design

Every project kicks off with a design process where we start with the user and ends with design implemented as application code.

We conduct research with end-users and stakeholders to understand objectives, product usage and pain points.

Based on our findings, we go through an iterative design process to turn ideas into sketches and wireframe prototypes.

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  • Taking a user through the product design process

    User Research & Problem Discovery

    What exactly is the problem we are trying to solve?

    Many entrepreneurs begin with a hunch and tackle an idea head-on without fully understanding the problem. How painful is the problem? For whom is the solution designed for? Is the problem recurring?

    Often entrepreneurs end up in a painful situation where they have invested into a product that goes nowhere.

    Our years of experience working with new ideas allow us to help entrepreneurs identify what matters - which features are critical, how polished does it need to be, how can scope be reduced - so that you don't waste time and resources on things that do not move the needle.

  • User interface & UX design - web and mobile

    User Interface Design & UX Design

    Well designed products allow users to achieve their goals without getting in their way.

    The challenge is to be able to come up with an interface that is easy to use, looks beautiful, and most importantly, solves the user's problem.

    Great user experiences are a result of thoughtful, iterative design. The simpler it is for the user, the more complex it is at the back to faciliate this seamless experience.

    We help businesses develop great designs and experiences that are coherent with their brand and make sure users love using their product.

  • Mobile & Responsive Design

    It's 2017. Today, users are everywhere - desktop, tablet, mobile.

    Our web apps are responsive by default, which means we design them to look great and function easily across different devices, platforms, screens and resolutions.

  • Front-end Implementation

    Once designs are approved, we will convert these into frontend application code to be used in prototype development.

    Our dedicated frontend developers have been trained with an eye for perfection and makes sure each design is implemented to pixel precision.

    We use industry best-practice tools such as Bootstrap and Sass to ensure consistency and rapid delivery across all our projects.

Web Development

We develop bespoke web & mobile applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you are a one-person startup looking to build an MVP prototype, or a large enterprise with a new innovation initiative, our expert team will tailor a solution for you using the most suitable technology stack.

  • PHP / Laravel

    It is no surprise that Laravel has been voted the most popular PHP framework in 2015 and continues to dominate in popularity today.

    Designed to deliver elegant applications at warp speed, PHP Laravel enables our team to build secure, stable products quickly with a lower total cost of ownership than other tools.

    Less time spent on boilerplate = more time spent on your application.

  • Other Languages and Frameworks

    Different objectives require different tools. In addition to PHP Laravel, we also have a list of high quality programming languages and frameworks in our toolbelt.

Mobile Development

Mobile app development is not about simply dumping a web application onto the mobile device.

It is about tailoring the experience for the user who is on the go. The difference can make or break your business.

We recommend different approaches and technology to building the mobile experience based on your unique business goals and situation.

  • iOS
  • React Native
  • Android
  • PhoneGap

E-commerce & Online Retail

We are online retail experts with laser focus on growing your bottom line.

Drive Sales & Increase Conversions

Every e-commerce business follows a blueprint governed by 4 key components - traffic, conversion rate, transaction size, transaction frequency.

Optimising each of these areas will have a positive impact on sales, and ultimately your bottom line. Knowing which area to focus on, however, is as much an art as it is a science.

Let our expert team analyse your unique situation and come up with a bespoke growth strategy to sustainably increase your sales.

Improve Operational Efficiency

A successful ecommerce business needs to be run like a well oiled machine. Merchandising, promotions, shipping, inventory, accounting - customers today expect the highest level of service, and all of these operations need to be consistently spot on, day in day out.

We understand the technology and workflows around ecommerce to make sure daily operations are run efficiently. Systemising everyday processes can dramatically reduce human error and operational cost.

O2O Integrated Commerce

O2O is a buzzword within the e-commerce community for "Online-to-Offline", but what does O2O actually mean?

While running a purely online operation has the benefits of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, there are elements to physical shopping that cannot (or should not) be replicated digitally.

Perhaps you sell bed frames that require installation services at the customer's home. Or maybe you run a nationwide franchise that offers local pickup for online orders via one of the local franchisees.

O2O is about delivering a seamless shopping experience for the user and maximising the synergy between your online and offline channels.

Consult our retail experts for creative ways to integrate your online and offline presence.

Growth & User Acquisition

So, you've got a product. How do you get traction? We've got your covered.

  • Analytics Foundation

    Analytics Foundation

    You can only improve what you measure. We will prepare your app with the right tools to ensure that critical user activity and metrics are logged.

  • Identify Acquisition Channels

    Identify Acquisition Channels

    Which channels bring in the most users? Which converts the best? We can help identify the lowest hanging fruits and focus on the ones that work.

  • Optimise Conversions

    Optimise Conversions

    Having users is just the first step. The next step is to optimise they way they engage with your product and improve conversions on the critical user paths.

  • Optimise for conversion

    Identify Opportunities

    Gather insight into your best user segments and how exactly are they using your product, so we can repeat the experience for similar audiences.

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